ACRA Conference Bookstore Submission

Cheryl 2Our Conference Bookstore: Books By The Beach, New Smyrna Beach, Florida

One of the things that makes our conference unique and so much fun is our bookseller, Cheryl Brooks, of Books By The Beach. Every fall, Cheryl recruits help to run her store in New Smyrna Beach, loads up her ride with books, and drives to St Augustine Beach to handle our conference bookstore.

She does this because she loves us and she loves books. (Not necessarily in that order.) If you have not met her, please say hello to her at the conference, and thank her for letting us work her like a pack mule every year.

All book sales during the conference must go through the conference bookstore at 10% of cover price.

To thank Cheryl for her efforts (for which she charges us nothing), we also ask that authors gift her at least one signed copy of a book. Also, please “Like” her on Facebook!


If your publisher is supplying your books, please notify bookstore coordinator Cheryl Brooks, at

For our published authors who are planning to provide books for our annual conference bookstore, the following guidelines apply if you plan to bring your own books with you. Please also notify conference chair Elizabeth Sinclair at if you are bringing books.

  1. The bookseller will handle all book sales during the conference weekend. No private sales allowed during the conference.
  2. If you are bringing books, please save the bookseller time by attaching a price sticker indicating the correct price to each book.
  3. Bookseller will keep 10% of all sales.
  4. A check for the remaining 90% will be sent to the author by the bookseller after the conference.
  5. It is the author’s responsibility to retrieve any unsold books at the end of the conference. Any unclaimed books will go to the bookseller.
  6. Any inquiries about books or payment should be made directly to the bookseller Cheryl Brooks at
  7. Author will print or otherwise save a copy of the submitted form for their records.

Please consider donating at least one autographed book to the bookseller as a “thank you” for the distance she drives and her time and effort. She does not charge the chapter for her service.

ACRA Conference Bookstore Submission



2016 ACRA Fiction Writer's Conference